360º & psychometrics

Self-awareness is a bedrock for all personal development. It allows you to develop the distinctive strengths likely to be key to your professional success, and to address unintended and potentially more negative consequences of your behaviour. We all have blind-spots, whether related to the things we do well or badly, and we are largely dependent on other people to tell us what those are.

360º Stakeholder feedback

In gathering feedback we take one of two principal approaches. The first is an electronic 360 survey that goes out to a number of your stakeholders at different levels (reports, peers, managers) and asks them for quantitative as well as qualitative feedback on you. The other comprises 30 minute interviews with a more select group of stakeholders, normally 6-8 in total, and gathers their feedback into a report, often on a non-attributed basis, which is then shared with the subject, often as part of a individual coaching arrangement.


Also valuable to self insight are psychometric surveys that analyse your preferences and compare these with the population at large. Such outputs are often especially useful for teams, providing not only individual but collective insights into preferred styles of working and relating. We are qualified to administer a number of psychometrics, including: Myers-Briggs (MBTI), Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI), Hogan and FIRO B, and would be happy to discuss which best serves your needs.

Our team


Aretai have supported the British Heart Foundation to develop a transformational leadership development programme for our senior leaders. Aretai have demonstrated genuine commitment to our organisation and invested their time, insight and integrity helping us to significantly shift the culture and embed our new leadership values and behaviours.

Kerry Smith, Director of People & OD, British Heart Foundation