Career transitions

Newly appointed executives often find they have just 100 days to prove themselves in a new role. And the hard reality is that more than 40% of senior external hires will fail to achieve results in their first 18 months. More often than not, this isn’t a matter of skills, competence or experience, but of the inability to adjust their mindset and approach to the new role and an unfamiliar organisational culture, sufficiently quickly.

Transition coaching provides executives with a structured process to accelerating performance in those all important first weeks of a new role, and the time and encouragement to reflect on what that transition requires of them. We draw upon a combination of highly relevant skills – in organisational consulting, executive search and individual coaching – to give a newly-appointed leader and their organisation the best chance of a successful start.

Executive search


Having never experienced personal coaching before I was not sure what to expect, however, David provided me with support, advice and a calm and reassuring voice at a key moment in my career. I had expected to gain insight and best practice from him - but he additionally helped me to develop confidence, clarity of thought and focus.

Deb Oxley, Chief Executive, Employee Ownership Association