Talent management

Talent management is at the top of many strategic agendas, yet few organisations are confident that they have a clear talent management plan and relevant operational procedures in place.

An effective talent management strategy enables you to identify the right mix of individuals required to fulfill strategic objectives, plug identified gaps in your workforce and keep your pipeline filled with skilled and motivated workers who are aligned with your goals.

We can support you in creating a long-term talent management plan that is designed to:

  • Identify the knowledge, skills and abilities that will be necessary to support your objectives
  • Identify high potential talent within your organisation
  • Engage in strategic succession planning
  • Develop your talent pool
  • Market your employer brand and value proposition
  • Create an engagement and retention strategy
Our team


Aretai have been working with our Senior Associates and Partners for around two years.  They have instant credibility with even the most senior people, yet are hugely personable and approachable.  They bring their own "war stories" and insights from other sectors, giving us the opportunity to learn both with and from them.

Hannah Erskine, Senior Talent Manager, Howard Kennedy LLP